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Home delivery service for the care catering sector


Years of experience

We have over 10 years experience combined in the health and social care sector as well as over 20 years combined experience in the hospitality and catering industry.

Supporting the elderly and vulnerable

We aim to use our experience in these areas to create a company that supports the elderly and vulnerable members of the community. We invite anyone who would like to use this service to contact us so that we may discuss your needs.

Quality Service, all year round

Nan’s Family Kitchen will provide freshly prepared hot and chilled meals and offer a variety of puddings, snacks and light bites. Alongside an award-winning chef, we have created a delicious and healthy menu which will provide ongoing nutritional support to our customers.



Local suppliers

Our meals are cooked fresh daily, using local suppliers where possible. This ensures the freshest ingredients are used, whilst also supporting our local businesses.

Environment Conscious

All our meals are delivered on microwavable and oven friendly dishes which are wrapped in biodegradable clingfilm which can be disposed of in your green recycling bag, along with our reusable and recyclable containers. Meals are transported in thermal boxes to ensure food is piping hot on arrival.

Tailored to you

Our bespoke service can be tailored to your tastes, needs and requirements, leaving you feeling relaxed and stress free at mealtimes.

Remove stress and anxiety

We understand that during this current Covid-19 pandemic, going out to the shops can create high levels of anxiety and stress. By choosing Nan’s Family Kitchen, you are eliminating this stress and anxiety, as well as helping to sustain a greener way of living.


We wanted to keep you updated with our ongoing plans and responses with regards to Coronavirus.

As an essential service in provision of food to many across Devon, Dorset and Somerset homes and healthcare settings, we have in place a robust management system. The system outlines the actions to be followed when coordinating our response following any event that has potential to compromise our operations and impact upon our customers.

We continue to review these policies and update it in accordance with advice from the government. It is apparent that the situation is very much still developing, and we are monitoring it daily. Drivers are currently changing gloves between each and every drop, and using hand sanitiser regularly, using masks where appropriate and washing hands at least once an hour.

We will continue to deliver our normal service for as long as possible, however we are asking anyone with symptoms to please inform us straight away and anyone who can/is self-isolating to let us know so we can make amendments to your delivery to ensure the upmost safety is applied when receiving your meal/s.

We thank you for your continued support during this tricky time.

Nan’s Family Kitchen

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